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During the 1800's, the culture of slavery in the South separated mothers from fathers, and parents from their children in Black families. The Diggs family was no exception to this treatment. As a result, Diggs family members were scattered across the Southern states. Miraculously however, two brothers, Tommie and John Diggs, found each other. They tried to locate other family members but were unsuccessful.

These brother's married. Tommie Diggs married Tressie McCleod and to this union nine children were born : Nancy, Barsilla, Elvira, John Edward, James Thomas, George, Mancy, Samuel and Henrietta. John Diggs married Julia Brown and to this union nine children were born: Walter, Sallie, Tommie, John, Comer, Obie, Versie Lee, Grover and Mary Lee. From these eighteen children, the world-wide Diggs family evolved.

A great-great grandaughter of John Diggs, Annie Ruth Diggs Biggins, had a desire to organize a family reunion. She called members far and near to express her desire and she received an overwhelmingly positive response.

Annie, with support from other family members, subsequently formed a committee in the Tampa Bay area to work on this project. This was the beginning of the Diggs' Family Reunion. Much work, devotion, and time were invested in this project, and the dream became a reality on August 24, 1985. Over 300 families were contacted by the committee and about 200 came to the 1st reunion.

We wish to extend a special thanks to Annie Ruth Diggs Biggins and other family members who were instrumental in making contacts and helping establish the Diggs' Family Reunion.

So far we have had 12 successful family reunions with many more to come.